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Discover the vineyard in a playful way !


Vignoble Évasion invites you to discover the vineyards and heritage around Bordeaux : a giant treasure hunt using the key ingredients of the Escape Game. Divided into teams, you will have to solve a succession of puzzles and complete your mission. You will travel in a Citroën Traction Avant with driver. Your trip will be concluded with a tour and a wine tasting in a castle... In moderation!

The scenarios

Together with our partner LABSTERIUM, we design, for your pleasure, unique mechanisms and objects

Like the famous gang of Traction Avant, you will be driving around in the eponymous Citroën !

During your adventure, it is sometimes good to take a break. You'll take the time to enjoy the landscape and to visit some of the region's heritage curiosities (historical, cultural, handicraft, etc.).

Wines and castles

Picture by Jill Wellington of Pixabay


The name of Bordeaux is known worldwide thanks to the wines produced for centuries in the vast area surrounding the city. At the end of your trip, you will be welcomed in a Bordeaux "Château" whose history will be told to you. You will visit the wine-making and maturing cellars before tasting some very good wines.

Our ambition


Become a key player in life-size escape games and wine tours around Bordeaux!


To make our customers come out with happiness in their eyes!


Very fond of Escape Games, I had the chance to test the new Vignoble Évasion experience. The intrigues and enigmas created by Bruno, great wine lover, are very engaging, especially when you change scenery with a mobile course in different outdoor locations!


You'll play the time trial in a spirit of challenge and fun...


In short, I highly recommend the new "Vignoble Evasion" concept, because whether it's with family or friends, it's an excellent moment to share!


Picture by Mike Renpening of Pixabay