Game Scenario – Vineyard Escape

Mission: Discover Montaigne’s oenological secret!

You’re a renowned oenologist and a member of the Vide-Tonneaux brotherhood in Bordeaux. A parcel, containing a padlocked box, is left on your doorstep. You’ll find an annotated page from Montaigne’s Essais… Reference is made to a letter to his friend La Boétie dating from 1560, and to a treatise on viticulture and oenology! You’ve never heard of the existence of such a treaty.
A “Montaigne” method, no doubt very philosophical, to produce the most excellent of wines! A method kept secret until now! You understand the importance of such a document if it exists…

That’s it, you’re going to dig into this story!

Adults (all audiences) :

Teams of 4 to 6 people

Duration of activity :

3 to 4 hours

(travel, tours and tastings included)

Price from Bordeaux :

From 70€ per person

For a personalized quote, please contact us

The Médoc

This scenario will take you along the famous Medoc châteaux route.



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