Game Scenario – Vineyard Escape

Mission: find the precious heritage of the Lord of Bonraisin

A renowned historian and archaeologist in your own right, this morning you received a very strange call from Alexandre de BONRAISIN, direct descendant of a lord of the Pays de Saint-Emilion. Old archives attest to this! When paying homage to this ancestor, the suzerain, and future king Henri IV, assured his vassal possession of a fiefdom consisting of 50 hectares of vines and… a golden spearhead. Having deciphered old writings unearthed in his castle, Monsieur de BONRAISIN is convinced that this treasure has been hidden somewhere, on or under his land. He is now asking you to search for this lost treasure.

Can you help him find it?

Adults (all audiences) :

Teams of 4 to 6 people

Duration of activity :

3 to 4 hours

(travel, tours and tasting included)

Price from Bordeaux :

From 80€ per person

For a personalized quote, please contact us

The Saint-Emilion region

This scenario will take you to the Saint-Emilion region…

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