Game Scenario – Vineyard Escape

Mission: Follow the Red Mark’s trail aboard the Maucaillou Express

You take on the role of a private detective and investigate the disappearance of a grand cru stolen by the Marque Rouge, a notorious criminal, during its transfer to the train from Bordeaux to Moulis-en-Médoc.

Le Diamant du Médoc was insured for a value of one million euros! You’ve got just a few hours to get your hands on that bottle, save the insurance company you’re working for today a lot of money, and win yourself a nice sum of money.

Adults (all audiences) :

number of players: 6 to 12

Duration of activity :

by the day

(tasting included)

Price :

151€ per person

For a personalized quote, please contact us

A typical day :

  1. Players welcome in the morning at Gare Saint-Jean (Bordeaux)
  2. Presentation and launch of the game on the train
  3. Train journey to Moulis-Listrac (about 50 minutes)
  4. Players arrive at Château Maucaillou
  5. Visit to the Museum of Wine and Vine Arts and Crafts
  6. Château Maucaillou tour and tasting
  7. Lunch at the Château Maucaillou table d’hôtes
  8. Game continues at Château Maucaillou
  9. Return to Bordeaux in the afternoon

Price includes :

  • The fun experience
  • Support from a game master
  • Visits and tasting at the château
  • Lunch: appetizer, entrée, main course, cheese, dessert + 1 glass of Château Maucaillou wine

The price does not include :

  • Return train tickets Bordeaux/Moulis-Listrac

The Médoc

Escape Game at Château Maucaillou.

You’ll discover the château’s history and expertise, and enjoy lunch and wine tasting!

Château Maucaillou

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