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The secret of Montaigne

Mission: Discover the oenological secret of Montaigne!

You are a renowned oenologist, dignitary of the Vide-Tonneaux brotherhood in Bordeaux. A parcel, containing a padlocked box, is left in front of your door. You will find an annotated page of Montaigne's Essais... It refers to a letter to his friend La Boétie dated 1560, and a treatise on viticulture and oenology! You have never heard about a such treaty. A "Montaigne" method, a very philosophical method, to produce the most excellent wine, with no doubt! It is still a secret until today! You understand the importance of such a document if it exists...


It is decided, you are going to dig into this story!

Adults - General public

In teams of 4 to 6 people


For groups of more than 20 people

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Duration of the activity: 3 to 4 hours (travel and visits included)

Price from Bordeaux is 270€ for a team of 4 people


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The Médoc


This scenario will take you on the famous route of the "chateaux" in the Médoc. Admire!