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The lost treasure of Henry IV

Mission: To rediscover the precious heritage of the lord of Bonraisin



Duration of the activity: 3 to 4 hours (travel and visits included)

A well-known historian and archaeologist in your own time, you received a very strange call this morning from Alexandre de BONRAISIN, a direct descendant of a lord of the Pays de Saint-Emilion. Old archives prove it! At the time of the homage to this ancestor, the suzerain, and future king Henri IV, assured his vassal the possession of a fief consisting of 50 hectares of vines and ... a golden spearhead. Having deciphered old writings unearthed in his castle, Monsieur de BONRAISIN is convinced that this treasure was hidden somewhere, on or under his land. He is asking you today to search for this lost treasure.


Will you be able to help him find it?


To Saint-Emilion


This scenario will take you to Saint-Emilion...

Adults - General public

Teams up to 4 people


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Price from Bordeaux is 250€ per team


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