About us

How was Vignoble Évasion born ?  








Bruno BRYCHE founder of Vignoble Évasion


I matured this business creation project for a long time. With my son Antoine, we created in 2018 a company operating VTC (Chauffeur-driven transport cars): Antoine Mon Chauffeur.


As a wine lover, I obviously wanted to offer our customers traditional "wine tours" around Bordeaux. In order to innovate and differentiate ourselves, I then imagined to "mix" different activities and I developed this original concept of "wine and game tour" in a classic car.


Passionate about history (big and small) and Escape Games, I have launched into the design of a life-size escape game. I have to thank Sébastien, game designer at Labsterium, who assisted me in the development of the game and the creation of mechanisms. I must also thank all the partners who believed in my project and accepted to host wine gaming games on their site (wineries and/or tourist sites).


The Vignoble Évasion concept was born! I have since written several scenarios and propose you to travel different wine routes around Bordeaux.

Our environmental commitment


To offset voluntarily the carbon impact of travel induced by our activities by supporting programs in favour of reforestation.


For each organized game, 1 tree is planted!

Our promise


To offer you an enchanting interlude, a moment of conviviality far from the vicissitudes of everyday life