Escape game in a vineyard

About us

How did Vignoble Évasion come about?

I spent a long time thinking about this business creation project. With my son Antoine, we had created in 2018 a VTC (Voitures de Transport avec Chauffeur) operating company: Antoine Mon Chauffeur.

As a wine lover, I obviously wanted to offer our customers traditional wine tours around Bordeaux. To innovate and stand out from the crowd, I came up with the idea of “mixing” different activities, and came up with this original concept of a “wine and game tour” in a classic car.

Passionate about history (big and small) and Escape Games, I set out to design a life-size escape game. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sébastien, game designer at Labsterium, who helped me develop the game and create the mechanisms. I must also thank all the partners who believed in my project and agreed to host wine gaming events on their sites (wineries and/or tourist sites).

The Vignoble Évasion concept was born! With my daughter Léa, who took up the torch in 2022, we’ve written several scenarios and now offer you the chance to explore different wine routes around Bordeaux.

bruno bryche


Creator of Vignoble Évasion

Our promise is to offer you an enchanted interlude, a moment of conviviality away from everyday events.

Our partners

Vignoble Évasion is first and foremost a wonderful human adventure. You’ll meet people who are passionate about what they do. They’ll help you discover charming places and top-quality products!

Together with our partner LABSTERIUM, we design unique mechanisms and objects for your pleasure.

Since 2009, LABSTERIUM has been the benchmark in the creation of customized, high-end escape game rooms. Their watchwords: quality of gaming experience, reliability of mechanisms, ergonomic control systems.

Our scenarios

The curse of the Loup Garou

According to a legend dating from the late 18th century, the last daughter of the Lord of Lamothe was cursed by a witch from the Hauxois region. Every night since then, she has undergone a metamorphosis. Will you be able to find the remedies to cure her and free her from her sad fate?


The lost treasure of Henri IV

Having deciphered old writings unearthed in his castle, Monsieur de BONRAISIN is convinced that this treasure has been hidden somewhere, on or under his land. He is now asking you to search for this lost treasure.


Montaigne’s secret

You're a renowned oenologist and a member of the Vide-Tonneaux brotherhood in Bordeaux. A parcel, containing a padlocked box, is left on your doorstep. You'll find an annotated page from Montaigne's Essais...


In search of the jewel of red gold

You're a retired professional burglar, but a strange letter forces you to reform your old team. Your objective today: find the last bottle of Château Jacobus 1921, an exceptional vintage of priceless value!