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In Search Of A Jewel of "Red Gold"

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Mission: Get your hands on a jewel of red gold !

You are a professional burglar who is withdrawn from the business, but a strange missive forces you to re-form your old team. Your objective today: to find the last bottle of Château Jacobus 1921, an exceptional vintage of inestimable value, stolen and hidden by Charles DUVIN, the crooked director of the Regional Spirits Counter who was also your friend! From his prison, and just before he died, he was able to send you a cryptic message, a kind of will, which should put you on the trail of this booty!


You will have to act quickly. Perhaps you are not the only one to whom Charles DUVIN sent this message?

Adults - General public

In teams of 4 to 6 people


For groups of more than 20 people

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Duration of the activity: 3 to 4 hours (travel and visits included)


Price from Bordeaux is 270€ for a team of 4 people


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The Entre-Deux-Mers


This scenario will take you on the roads of the Entre-deux-mers. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes and the rich heritage of the Bordeaux hinterland.